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Learning to Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk: Cash in on your Passion!

A month or so ago I decided it was time to purchase a few new books. I’d just finished reading The 4 Hour Work week by Tim Ferris and was wondering how to fuel my soul with similar levels of energy and motivation that Tim had provided. I sat down and spent a night hunting for books that I felt ... Read More »

What Can I Do For You Today? The Lifestyle Design Bootcamp

We resist change until the pain of making a switch becomes less than the pain of remaining in our current situation. So you want to change your life? Fantastic! I’m certainly on the same roller-coaster as you but as Chris Guillebeau, Author of The Art Of Non Conformity, says in the first quote we can sometimes only create change when ... Read More »

How To Create A Facebook Page: The Complete Beginners Guide in 10 Steps

Here at the Cannonball Fever blog we’ve recently gone through the process of creating our Facebook page. So you’re wondering How To Create a Facebook Page? Well look no further you’ve come to the right place for the Complete Beginners Guide and we’ll have you up and running in 10 Easy Steps. How To Create A Facebook Page #1 Sign ... Read More »

The Right Kind of Insanity. How to Design and Shape YOU!

I’ve completed a large amount of reading lately as I feel that anybody does when they’re on a journey similar to mine. It’s important to understand that reading books will only get you so far. Sure you’ll feel amazing and inspired after doing so, and I encourage you to keep doing that, but at the end of the day the ... Read More »

The Day I’m Told “You Should Be Happy”

Colleague: You should be Happy Me: What do you mean? Colleague: Well….You should be happy Me: I apologize but I still don’t understand. I thought I was happy Colleague: Well you seem to complain about your work but have everything going for you. A successful career, an upcoming marriage and a house and car. The conversation caught me off guard ... Read More »

Crowdsourcing Your Next Logo: A Guide To

All your hard work, sweat and tears has gone into firing your Cannonballs (ideas) into the world. You’ve finally found your niche, you’ve worked hard to understand the market needs and ensured your product is going to meet the needs of your clients. Unfortunately your website and logo doesn’t reflect that hard work. It doesn’t show how hard you’ve worked ... Read More »

To Tweet or Not to Tweet, Is it even a Question?

It’s easy to highlight the importance of Social Media in world we live in today. Its an easy an effective way to spread your knowledge, throughout the world, as you attempt to build up your army of followers who will hopefully spread your word too. Now before we can create a faithful legion of fans you’ll first need to master ... Read More »

Lifestyle Design! It’s Time I Started Launching Cannonballs!

So here I am at the start of my journey as I attempt to change my life from the world of corporate 9-5, or shift work in my case, in to a sustainable online income that will hopefully allow me to work wherever I choose. To provide you with a background i’m 28 years old, almost 29, and worked in ... Read More »

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