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Career Suicide Never Felt This Good

killing my career

16 months ago my career started to die, some might say I was committing career suicide…. It’s not that I meant for it to happen but as I look back this was definitely the beginning of the end.  I’d be kidding myself however if I didn’t say that the signs were always there. I’d been keeping it on life support ... Read More »

If You Build It, They Might (Not) Come

So you created your first blog? Big deal! Nobody cares but you (for now)……but they should, and it’s time you showed them why! Don’t get me wrong I’m proud that you’ve made your first steps forward and you should give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve put yourself in the small percentage of people that actually switch off the ... Read More »

Become An Expert: University vs.Googlevirsity?

I hope that some of my recent posts have challenged you to think about your passions and to follow them in life regardless of your current skill level or expertise. If you’re like me you’ve chosen a passion which might not be one of  your current strengths and you’ll therefore be on a steep learning curve as you train yourself ... Read More »

Follow Your Passion, Find Your Dream

The past few months I’ve been doing some deep soul searching in regards to my career and my next steps. Like many of you I’m caught sitting in an office 9-5 (shift work in my case actually) watching the world pass me by, at least that’s the way it makes me feel some days. My life, especially this year, is ... Read More »

The Trust Dilemma! How To Stand Out In Bold!

This week I came up with the concept of the Blogger Boot Camp. My aim was to use Cannonball Fever as a central location where we could highlight numerous blogs and assist each other with reaching our goals. Basically I was allowing free publicity for bloggers by using my own blog as the shared medium. The idea was simply to ... Read More »

The Blogger Boot Camp! Help Us By Highlighting Your Blog.

As I was surrounded by my beautiful family and friends over the weekend I came to realize  just how unique and creative each and every one of them were. Although our talents and passions were different, many of our goals for happiness and future success were the same. As I discussed in detail their passion, creativity and ideas I found ... Read More »

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