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5 Methods to Help You Quit Your Job Faster

quit your job

One thing you might have been wondering for some time now, like myself, is how exactly will you quit your job? When is the time right to quit your job and is there even such a thing? What do I need to do to ensure that I’m ready to take the plunge into self employment? While there is no “one ... Read More »

Focus T25 Workout – Total Body/Ab Intervals/Lower Focus Review

focus t25 workout

So last week I wrote a quick review on the Focus T25 workout for the Cardio and Speed 1.0 sessions and if you haven’t read it then make sure you check it out first (click here). I’ll continue from where I left off and try not to cover the same areas. Caloric burn seemed to be the areas where people ... Read More »

Focus T25 Workout – Cardio/Speed 1.0 Review

Focus t25 workout

Fitness really is a passion of mine. It’s absolutely a love-hate relationship. Although there are many days that I struggle to start my workout, I always feel amazing at the end of it. I thought it was time to reignite the topic, since my initial review of Insanity, and also timely considering Shaun T and Beachbody have just released the ... Read More »

Should You Buy Facebook Likes using Facebook Promote Feature?

Should you buy Facebook Likes using the Facebook Promote feature? That’s a good question but the only way to find out is to try it for yourself which is what I did this week. When I mentioned ‘buy facebook likes’ I mean in a legitimate and promoted method using Facebook and not some dodgy underground scheme which in no way ... Read More »

10 Songs That Will Damage Your Office Walls

Now depending on your taste you might look at this list in utter disgust. I have to admit that 12 months earlier I would have done the same. I grew up with diverse musical tastes which came from a family who loved a good party. Friday night was termed ‘Disco hour’ as my Dad would love to say. On any ... Read More »

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