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Thursday , 14 December 2017
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Focus T25 Workout – Cardio/Speed 1.0 Review

Focus T25 Workout – Cardio/Speed 1.0 Review

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Fitness really is a passion of mine. It’s absolutely a love-hate relationship. Although there are many days that I struggle to start my workout, I always feel amazing at the end of it. I thought it was time to reignite the topic, since my initial review of Insanity, and also timely considering Shaun T and Beachbody have just released the new Focus T25 workout.

The reason why I discuss exercise on this blog is that I believe it’s critical in having the energy you need to tackle all aspects of your life. I’ve been following the release of the Focus T25 workout program since it was publicly announced.Beachbody describe the program as:

Get Great Results from Your Workout in 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week

Now if you’re living a life like mine at the moment then I can only imagine how precious your free time might be. If you’re blogging and learning something new then you’ll want to make sure you assign as much of the day for it as you can. That’s why the Focus T25 workout is perfect for you and I.

focus t25 workout

Focus T25 Workout Schedules

Everybody can find at least 25 minutes a day to exercise and if you’re going to be on top of your game, feeling excited for life you’ll definitely need to complete the schedule as part of your week. Yesterday was my first day and for that reason I’ll only be focusing on the first two routines which were Cardio and Speed 1.0. The program is split up into three schedules called Alpha, Beta and Gamma.

When it comes to exercise it’s important to keep changing things up. When you do you’ll be surprised at how much more fun you have and you’ll try harder. I was excited for Focus T25, and something new, and ended up doing the first two sessions on day one.



To give you an idea for my results I have the following measurements

  • 74.5kg
  • 180 cm
  • 28 years old
  • Male

 Day 1: Focus T25 Cardio

Equipment Required: None

For the majority of the workout I was very comfortable with the moves that were required. There was a combination of original Insanity moves, with some variations on them, as well as a number of brand new moves that were thrown in. Recently I’ve been doing a number of the Beachbody Les Mills Combat routines which have a large number of lunges and squats and this has certainly conditioned me to some degree for the new Focus T25.

Whenever you’re trying a new exercise program there are always some moves where you may struggle to coordinate your body. It takes a period of time for the body to understand the movement and the rhythm.  As it was the first time running through the session I’m sure that I’ll burn more calories on the second run.

Typically in Cardio you’ll learn a set of moves at a quick pace before you move into the Burnout Phase. This is the phase that you really want to ‘crank up the volume’ and started pushing your body to its limits. This phase last for two minutes and by the time you’re finished with the second round of Half Tuck jumps you should find that you’re heart is pumping hard. You’ll conduct a second set of moves before entering a secondary Burnout Phase.

Towards the end of the workout I developed a really bad stitch around the ‘alternate speed knee fast’ moves. This is not something I typically get so it might have been due to my lack of coordination on a few moves or potentially due to some of the jumping moves. Again I definitely think this would have limited my final amount of calories burned. To finish off there is a 2:25 cool-down/stretch which is a nice way to bring yourself back down to earth

So in Summary my results were the following

Max Heart Rate: 175 bpm

Calories Burned: 340

Day 2: Focus T25 Speed 1.0

Equipment Required: Non required

For this workout there were a larger percentage of moves that I hadn’t seen in previous Beachbody workouts. The moves felt somewhat choreographed in Speed 1.0 and on my first attempt I felt a little more uncoordinated with them. If you’re a good dancer you’ll probably find this a little easier but in saying that even if you’re not you’ll pick it up quickly.

The workout however was clever in the way that you would complete a move for a period of time before conducting a stretch. I found this a nice change from the original days of original Insanity. Original insanity you’d have a fairly brutal warm up before a stretch period and I found after many years of doing Insanity the stretch period would become mundane and you’d be keen to get into the workout.

Focus T25 Speed 1.0 is a nice change however in that it gets you moving but stretches  you in between moves. It’s great to hear Shaun T yell “I’m Back” as I’m always excited to see something new.  Once again you’ll finish with the same cooldown/stretch used in Cardio for another 2:25

Overall I loved the workout but did feel my coordination was off with a number of moves throughout. I’m looking forward to having my second attempt as my body starts to remember and improve now that it knows the moves.

So my results were:

Max Heart Rate: 172bpm

Calories: 362



Focus T25 Workout

Focus T25 Workout

In summary I burnt over 700 calories in 55 minutes which I’m very happy with. For those days where you don’t have a huge amount of time these workouts are perfect for you. If you are going to follow the plan in the Alpha phase however I do recommend that you eat well if you really want results. Either follow the nutrition plan Beachbody provides you or ensure that you have your own personal diet under control.

I found the workouts to be fun and a refreshing change in my weekly routines. I didn’t find the moves to be frustrating and at 25 minutes I really found this a great assistance in the mind games I play with myself. Knowing that you have 60 minutes of Insanity Asylum Gameday can be taxing on your mind but splitting your workout up into two 25 minute sessions somehow makes it easier for me.

Once again my recommendation is to be careful on your form and your knees. You should use a plush yoga mat to help out your knees and I also find that the Mueller straps really assist my knees and removes any pain I might receive from prolonged workout schedules.

Well that’s my first two days and I’ll be sure to update you with my progress as I move through the rest of the program. How did you go on your first few days? Feel free to comment here and ask any questions you have or let others know your results.

If you want to join me and work on this together then head over and pick yourself up a copy by clicking on the image below or here

Please note that this image is for display only. The contents, depending on your location, may vary and if you have any concerns then call Beachbody directly.

Focus T25 Workout Contents

Focus T25 Workout Contents

Final Comments

If you’re still not sure if this workout for you I found the following video on YouTube which you might find beneficial to decide whether it might be something you enjoy.



  1. Hey Byron,

    Thanks for checking out my blog – it was interesting to read your reviews of the T25 workouts in comparison to my own. I also really liked seeing your results from your Heart Rate Monitor and your calorie burn, as I don’t wear them (I just gauge my progress on how winded I am and how I feel after the workout!). I noticed that you’ve done Insanity as well – have you ever tried Asylum? It would be interesting to hear your views of how they are similar/different and your results with each. I’m looking forward to seeing your future reviews and progress as you go through your journey with Focus T25. Definitely feel free to continue to visit my blog as well, as I’ll be continuing to post my own progress and reviews of the T25 workouts as I go through the 10 week program. I’m also planning on posting some reviews of other programs that I have done in the past, but haven’t yet gotten around to doing it.

    I hope you enjoy finding your journey to a new lifestyle. 🙂

    • Really appreciate you dropping by Angela and leaving some comments. Thankyou!

      I have completed Insanity Asylum in the past and found the workouts to be really enjoyable. Again I haven’t used my HRM with them at this point except for Game Day which was around 800 calories. I was like you previously in that I’d just guage how I felt after the workout and it’s easy to tell when you’re getting results. I bought an HRM on advice from my fiance who was seeing very high heart rate (190+) in some of her workouts (non beachbody) and we both felt we should know when our heart is hitting such a level as that. Fortunately so far I rarely get above 175 which is fine for your heart. Thanks again.

  2. Is there a gamma phase? I didn’t see this in the package I ordered. Thanks.

    • Hi Irene, There certainly is a Gamma Phase but this is an additional purchase to my knowledge. You may be able to get it in a single package but you can also purchase the Gamma phase separately. Gamma focuses on strength and includes the following workouts:

      Rip’t Up. Strengthen and streamline your biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, and chest with Shaun’s 360° upper-body moves.
      Extreme Circuit. Build lean muscle and burn fat at the same time! In this one, the weights never leave your hands. Not even for the warm-up.
      The Pyramid. Accelerate your reps as time progresses. This is your 25-minute cardio and strength endurance test.

      For now however you can get away with just working through the Alpha and Beta schedules. If you decide after each of those that you’d like to do the strength then you can purchase the Gamma phase for yourself. I haven’t got this myself yet but will definitely look into in the future.

      Thanks for posting and I hope my comments help

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