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Thursday , 14 December 2017
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Focus T25 Workout – Total Body/Ab Intervals/Lower Focus Review

Focus T25 Workout – Total Body/Ab Intervals/Lower Focus Review

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So last week I wrote a quick review on the Focus T25 workout for the Cardio and Speed 1.0 sessions and if you haven’t read it then make sure you check it out first (click here). I’ll continue from where I left off and try not to cover the same areas. Caloric burn seemed to be the areas where people have the most concerns with Focus T25 and whether it will get the same results as a program like Insanity. Towards the end I’ll be showing my first comparison result in the “Insanity vs Focus T25” debate.

My Update

I thought I’d post a quick update from last week in regards to my caloric burn and whether I’d improved or not. I indicated in my initial post that as I was doing the sessions for the first time and I felt that my number of calories burned might be improved on the second run through.

As expected on my second week I was able to push much harder with both workouts as I knew what to expect and had a little more familiarity with the moves. I still think that I’ll improve on this number over time especially since my Cardio result was just after I’d completed Lower Focus and fatigue had set in somewhat already.

Let’s take a look at and see how I did:


Calories Burned: 380 (increase of 40)

Speed 1.0:

Calories Burned: 395 (increase of  33)


Focus T25 Workout

Focus T25 Workout

Total Body

Equipment Required

Total Body is a great workout and I’ve been reading other people’s review that this is their favorite. I’m not sure if I’d label it as my favorite yet but I do enjoy when every part of you’re body is getting it’s money worth. The moves aren’t too challenging, in terms of learning something new, so you should be able to work harder because of this.

There is only one Burnout phase in this workout which starts with about 5:30 remaining. By the time I got to this section I certainly had my sweat on. Moves such as the Pike-Up and the 180 Squat + Burpee had my heart pumping.

This was the only workout I completed for the day and personally I felt happy with what I’d achieved. Some workouts might leave you feeling like you need more, I don’t just mean Focus T25 with that comment, but if all you could do in a day was 25 minutes of Total Body then you will continue to improve your body shape. I did this at the end of a very long day so I was happy that I got my workout done and still managed a 345 burn.

Calories Burned: 345 Calories

Ab Intervals

Equipment Required: Exercise Mat

Wow! Ab Intervals was pretty tough. I would say that I’m not the most flexible individual therefore some of the moves were a struggle for me. Certainly I still felt that I was getting a killer ab workout and that over time this session may assist with some added flexibility.

I struggled with moves which involve the lifting of the legs into the air. Watching the trainers in the video certainly provides me with something to aspire to as my form wasn’t great in comparison. Breathing is very important and I need to stay relaxed so that I can work through the complete set without stopping.

Overall I really enjoyed this workout. I’d still probably prefer something like Les Mills Combat – Core Attack session however I do think that the results from Ab Intervals will be better. I’ll be more than happy to do this as I work through the program.

Calories Burned: 250 Calories

Lower Focus

Focus T25 Workout

Focus T25 Workout

Equipment Required: None

Out of all of the workouts so far I would have to say that this was my least favorite. The majority of this workout is squats and lunges which typically I don’t mind in smaller doses but this certainly pushed my limits. You’ll definitely be feeling the burn in your thighs in this workout and I found myself, on a number of occasions, taking a quick two second break to release some of that burn.

Burnout Phase 1 kicks in with around 12:45 remaining and as always this will get you pushing a little bit harder. One move I find myself really uncoordinated with is the Up + Over and I need to simplify myself with this move. I just can’t seem to find the rhythm with it at this point but feel I’ll get better in time. Is anybody else having any issues with any of the moves?

The final Burnout phase kicks in with about 3 minutes remaining.

Calories Burned: 258

Insanity vs Focus T25

Over at Reddit there have been some great discussions in regards to my post and in particular how many calories I burned and how this compare to my results with Insanity. Now I’ve only recently purchased my heart rate monitor, which is a Polar FT80, and I hadn’t completed an Insanity workout since then.

This week I finally had a chance to go back and do the Max Interval Circuit. Now before I go further remember that all heart rate brands are different and therefore what you’re seeing may be something drastically different in comparison to mine. We also burn calories differently as an individual too so once again there could be differences in results. If that’s the case please leave your comments below so we can make this a more interactive post as I’d love to hear more about what you’re seeing too.

Max Interval Circuit

Calories Burned: 730

Calories Burned in 25 minutes: 280

I found the above results to be fairly interesting. Firstly if I’d tried to guess my caloric burn before the workout then I would have said around 800. I’m not too far off the mark however for the time I invested, the repetitive nature of the workout and that it’s simply a tough session then I would have liked to have seen my number a little higher. Keep in mind that I’ve been doing Insanity for years and although I enjoyed my session I don’t share the same enthusiasm as I did for them originally.

The second interesting fact I found was that I was fortunate enough to look at my watch at the 25 minute mark. At 25 minutes I’d only burned 280 calories due to the a fairly lengthy stretch session that slows you down considerably. Now this still isn’t that bad but if we’re comparing to Focus T25 then I’m significantly behind the calories burned for some of the workouts. This was a big change in my mentality towards Focus T25 because I’d much rather do two smaller workouts for variety than a long repetitive session such as Max Interval Training.

I’ll try to post more of these comparisons in the future for you all but please if you have your own results I’d love you to share them in the comments below.


Overall I’m loving Focus T25 and my comparison with Insanity above showed me that we shouldn’t be comparing out total caloric burn for the entire workout but instead compare our calories burned for the minutes we invested in exercising. Insanity workouts for me these days are more the mind game to actually start them because they are long, repetitive and hard. I’d rather do a Focus T25 workout which is refreshing and doesn’t require as much motivation to get started, plus I can combine it with something else.

We’ve spoken about calories a fair bit through this post only because that’s the majority of questions I’ve fielded since my initial post. The fact is that you know your body better than anybody and even if your caloric burn is low but you’re still seeing great results then it doesn’t matter. Don’t judge yourself by the calories you burn or what you weigh on the scales but if you’re eating right and exercising hard then you’re going to see the results no matter what.

Once again if you’re keen to get started on this workout then you can buy it here

Please note that this image is for display only. The contents, depending on your location, may vary and if you have any concerns then call Beachbody directly.

Focus T25 Workout Contents


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