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Thursday , 14 December 2017
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Should You Buy Facebook Likes using Facebook Promote Feature?

Should You Buy Facebook Likes using Facebook Promote Feature?

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Should you buy Facebook Likes using the Facebook Promote feature? That’s a good question but the only way to find out is to try it for yourself which is what I did this week. When I mentioned ‘buy facebook likes’ I mean in a legitimate and promoted method using Facebook and not some dodgy underground scheme which in no way should you ever try.

Maybe you’re struggling to receive any traffic to your blog and you have less Facebook Likes  than the amount of friends your 12 year old child has. You’re disheartened and the glossy shine of your blog is wearing off. You tell yourself “I should just give, what is the point?”……HELL to the NO….. I’m here to strongly advise that you don’t give up so easily. Don’t worry you’re not the only one in this boat. I’m sitting side by side and we need to paddle harder if we’re going to get through the current we’re up against.

I always write and tell you guys to dig deeper but today I’m telling myself to do the same. I battle the same thoughts as the rest of you do every day and some days I need to tell myself that success doesn’t happen overnight and every day I need to work a little bit harder.

Would you give up on your dream body just because you’d spent a few hard months of exercise and you still weren’t looking like a movie star? No, of course you wouldn’t because realistically these things take time. You’ll never be successful if you don’t have some persistence and patience. I know you want success overnight, it’s only natural, but just like losing weight there is no quick way no matter how much you’d like to convince yourself otherwise.

Until this week, and this test, I’d only received four Facebook likes on my page since its creation. I have to admit, it looked pretty miserable when visitors came to my site and I was proudly displaying that I had four likes. Would people be deterred from my lack of Facebook likes? For a while now I’d noticed the blue ‘Promote Page’ button on my Facebook page and wondered if it was worth it.

Buy Facebook Likes for as little as $6 dollars a day

buy facebook likes using facebook promote - daily budget

BuyFacebook Likes using Facebook Promote Page

I decided I had nothing to lose and it certainly wasn’t going to break the budget to give it a try. I started off at the cheapest level which is $6 dollars Australian. I’m sure for my non Australian readers it’s cheaper for you as “down under” in Kangaroo land we’re typically charged more for most things. Here is the breakdown of what you get for your money

$6 Daily Budget – Estimate 3-14 Likes Per Day
$11 Daily Budget -Estimate 6 – 25 Likes Per Day
$17 Daily Budget – Estimate 10 – 38 Likes Per Day
$22 Daily Budget – Estimate 12 – 50 Likes Per Day

I didn’t have any set time frame for running my page promotion and it would be determined by the results I received. If I felt that the results justified additional time then I would continue but if not I’d be happy to cut my losses and move on with other methods for attracting an audience.

In the end I ran this test  for 5 days and spent a total of $30 dollars


After the 5 days I’d received an additional 75 Likes. I received no more than a few likes for additional content posted throughout this period. One fortunate result of this test was that I was able to enable Facebook Insight and gather additional information on the audience I’d developed through my page promotion. So let’s take a look at that to see whether it might help determine the benefit of this method.

Facebook Insights


The overview is pretty simple and self explanatory. It shows the overall increase of my reach throughout this period. I noticed that my posts throughout the test didn’t create any additional spike to my reach.

Buy Facebook Likes - Insight Overview


buy facebook likes_insight-countries

The first result that I found interesting was that the majority of likes I’d received had come from Australia. How did Facebook determine that my audience should only be people from Australia as I would consider myself to have content that would appeal regardless of location. I went back to double check my settings on this and realized that when I’d selected promote page I had failed to notice that by default Facebook selects Australia only as my audience which explains my results. In the future I’d like to run this test again and add additional countries.

 Page Visits

Looking at my Page Views throughout this period I can see a steep increase yet the number is less than half of the overall likes I received throughout the same period. The only reason I could come up with for this is that many Facebook users randomly like things based on the picture without first viewing the page. This may highlight the importance of having a picture that relates to what your Facebook page is about to try to encourage users with a similar interest. Further explanation of this statistic may be explained further below.

buy facebook likes - Insight Page Visits


The Demographics ended up being the most telling of each of the statistics. As you can see from the screenshot below the largest percentage of likes I received were from Facebook users in the age group of 13-17. In my opinion the users within this age group would not be at an age where they were interested in the topics I discussed. Surely they wouldn’t be looking to design their lifestyle (although I encourage them if they are).

I feel that this strongly relates to my point earlier where I felt like some of my likes had been received without first viewing my page. Due to my fun cartoon logo it may potentially attract someone to like it purely on that reason alone especially when we are talking about a younger audience.

buy facebook likes - insight likes


Reach is the term used for the number of users who received impressions of a page post (further explanation here) . In this period most of my reach was from the paid advertisements as expected. However as more people received my updates in their feed I gained additional reach from any user that liked the content.

Buy Facebook Likes - Insight Reach

So should you Buy Facebook Likes?

I feel that there is no right or wrong and my level of experience with a larger audience stops me from providing a realistic opinion. I feel that Facebook promote is fairly cheap so you should try it for yourself and you might see a benefit to it. If anything do it purely to enable Insights on your page which I think has some value.

For this blog I didn’t feel this method would attract an audience that I would benefit from in the long term and for that reason I won’t be continuing with it. I would however like to try additional countries in my promotion and wish that I hadn’t made that mistake. Potentially adding additional countries may make some difference to the audience that I attract. If I decide to run the test again I’ll be sure to amend my mistake in this area.

Buying likes in any form will not bring you the success that you’re looking to achieve. Great content is the main factor for attracting your audience and you should put your focus on improving content you post. Keep promoting yourself through social media but try to look for more creative methods rather than taking the easy road.

How about you? Have you tried it and are you seeing something different? We’d love to hear any stories you have.


  1. Thanks a very interesting insight



    • Thanks Alain. I’ve also used this feature more recently on a new blog I’m creating just to boost activity and inject some life into the Facebook Page. I think it’s good for capturing new ‘Likes’ as people see that you’re page has been liked and therefore are more likely to do the same. I will add however that comments and activity typically come more from genuine organic likes rather than ‘Likes’ captured using the promote feature.

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