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Thursday , 14 December 2017
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The Gatekeepers Of Lifestyle Design

The Gatekeepers Of Lifestyle Design

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Recently I’ve been searching for Lifestyle Design blogs in the internet stratosphere (more to come on that later). I always find it inspiring to read about what others are doing and how they’re successfully changing their lives to better suit their goals.  However, like anything on the internet you’ll always find the critics, or haters for my younger audience, with strong and contrasting opinions.

Everybody is different and I love that! I do however believe that the so called Lifestyle Design fans of this world are judged harshly as “pajama wearing – beach bound – laptop hugging – hippies” . Don’t get me wrong I’d certainly take that picture over my 9-5 office cubicle some days but I also understand that it comes with its own set of cons too!

When it comes to Lifestyle Design I believe that it’s simply a term for designing a lifestyle that fits the dreams and experiences you wish to have in your lifetime. If you like the job that you’re currently working and the lifestyle you have, fantastic, your work here is done. Truly I’m so happy for you.

For those of you who aren’t happy with an area of your life however then you’re going to have to get your “hustle” on and work a little bit harder to change. I believe that regardless of the life/career you’re trying to gain whenever you’re unhappy for a prolonged period of time then you need to consider changing things up.

That doesn’t mean you need to go live in a tent in the bush, or god forbid a farm as the article below suggests, it simply means that change is required. Whenever you change your life to better suit your needs there is a strong argument that this could be considered “Lifestyle Design”, although I know many will strongly disagree.

If you’d like to read a very clever and well written article then pop over and read Peter Shallards article on “Why Lifestyle Design Will Make you Miserable”. I think Peter has done a great job with this post, enough so that I wrong a post on it, so my hat is off to him and I wish him all the best.


If you’re interested in my response then you can read it below. I would LOVE to hear your comments and thoughts on Lifestyle Design. Is it something that has now become part of your life or do you view it as something completely different? Either way please leave your thoughts below.

Responding to Lifestyle Design Critics

Hi Peter,
I’m not sure I completely agree with all of your article however I believe your final point is key.

The only successful (and happy) entrepreneurs are those who enjoy every step of their entrepreneurial journey, from day one to year twenty. And every day in between.

The only way you’re going to survive when creating your own business or seeking to design your lifestyle is when you design it around what you love doing. Don’t get me wrong this can change. In fact change is the only thing that stays constant. You have to remember that if something isn’t working for you and you’re no longer enjoying yourself then it’s time to tweak what you do or change completely. Nobody in Lifestyle Design ever told you that you couldn’t change what you’re doing now or in the future. In fact Tim Ferris and any others will tell you the exact opposite.

Unfortunately in the case of Tim he is judged fairly harshly for the “4hww” term he used but even he knows that he doesn’t work a 4 hour work week. It was a clever name that made him the well known, and highly paid, person that he is today and allowed him to create a horde of followers and haters that unknowingly promote his book every day (maybe he’ll thank you later for the money you’ve sent his way).

In comparison to Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk you’ll see that Gary also recommends following your passion but highlights that if you’re looking for fast results then think again. He believes that anybody with enough “hustle”, which simple means to put in more effort than anybody else (e.g. hours per day),  can be successful and also beat someone with natural ability too.

It is also unfortunate that Lifestyle Design is stereotyped to working in your pajamas or with your laptop on the beach. I firmly believe that lifestyle design is simply to design your life to suit what you want to gain from it. So I believe that everybody is already doing it regardless of whether they call it that or not.

The strange thing about all of this is that you employ many of the “lifestyle design” tactics on this website which means that maybe this article is simply to gain traffic to your own blog and hopefully fund the lifestyle that you’re dreaming? The only thing you missed is an affiliate link to amazon, maybe you could have had your laptop on the beach by now?

If that’s the case then “well played” my friend. You’ve got my vote.

If you get the chance however take a look at Pat Flyn’s Smart Passive Income blog and review his monthly Income reports. Don’t get me wrong he works hard at what he does but I’m sure if he wanted to do a 4hww, and be content that less time equals less money, then he probably could.

In all seriousness though I appreciate your view and all the best for the future.


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