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How To Write a Blog Post – Part 2: Content Structure

How To Write a Blog

This is Part 2 of a series on How to Write a Blog Post. If you’re new to the site please make sure you view Part 1  on the topic of Keyword Analysis. In Part 1 we discovered that learning how to write a blog post involved conducting keyword analysis. Using tools such as the Google Keyword Planner we can identify ... Read More »

How To Write a Blog Post – Part 1: Keyword Analysis

How To Write A Blog

Writing a good blog post is easy but learning how to write a blog post that attracts an audience is something you’ll need to learn and practice. If you’re one of the millions of bloggers out in the blogosphere, pouring your heart and soul into your posts each week, only to find that your site traffic isn’t increasing, let’s face ... Read More »

10 Songs That Will Damage Your Office Walls

Now depending on your taste you might look at this list in utter disgust. I have to admit that 12 months earlier I would have done the same. I grew up with diverse musical tastes which came from a family who loved a good party. Friday night was termed ‘Disco hour’ as my Dad would love to say. On any ... Read More »

If You Build It, They Might (Not) Come

So you created your first blog? Big deal! Nobody cares but you (for now)……but they should, and it’s time you showed them why! Don’t get me wrong I’m proud that you’ve made your first steps forward and you should give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve put yourself in the small percentage of people that actually switch off the ... Read More »

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