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10 Methods to Create More Memorable Life Experiences

life experiences

It’s not the meaning of life you’re seeking but merely the ability to create more memorable life experiences that make you feel alive! My family must be sick of hearing my crazed mumbo jumbo babble about the importance of life experiences. It’s true what they say, money isn’t everything, and it’s easy to see that money doesn’t create happiness or ... Read More »

Live Life Today, Become Remarkable

Live Life

This was my light bulb moment. My wife’s words had hit me right in the face. We were so concerned about planning for the rest of our life that we’d forgotten how to live life today. Yesterday was one of those days I’d rather forget. When you realize that your career has greater control and influence over how you chose ... Read More »

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Living with Less

Living With Less

In our newly married life (more on that later) my wife and I decided it was time to action our ‘living with less’ plan which we’d been discussing for some time already. On our recent honeymoon to Japan my wife and I realized that we simply didn’t need a huge amount of ‘stuff’ to get through day to day. As ... Read More »

The Gatekeepers Of Lifestyle Design

Lifestyle Design

Recently I’ve been searching for Lifestyle Design blogs in the internet stratosphere (more to come on that later). I always find it inspiring to read about what others are doing and how they’re successfully changing their lives to better suit their goals.  However, like anything on the internet you’ll always find the critics, or haters for my younger audience, with ... Read More »

5 Methods to Help You Quit Your Job Faster

quit your job

One thing you might have been wondering for some time now, like myself, is how exactly will you quit your job? When is the time right to quit your job and is there even such a thing? What do I need to do to ensure that I’m ready to take the plunge into self employment? While there is no “one ... Read More »

10 Songs That Will Damage Your Office Walls

Now depending on your taste you might look at this list in utter disgust. I have to admit that 12 months earlier I would have done the same. I grew up with diverse musical tastes which came from a family who loved a good party. Friday night was termed ‘Disco hour’ as my Dad would love to say. On any ... Read More »

Career Suicide Never Felt This Good

killing my career

16 months ago my career started to die, some might say I was committing career suicide…. It’s not that I meant for it to happen but as I look back this was definitely the beginning of the end.  I’d be kidding myself however if I didn’t say that the signs were always there. I’d been keeping it on life support ... Read More »

If You Build It, They Might (Not) Come

So you created your first blog? Big deal! Nobody cares but you (for now)……but they should, and it’s time you showed them why! Don’t get me wrong I’m proud that you’ve made your first steps forward and you should give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve put yourself in the small percentage of people that actually switch off the ... Read More »

Become An Expert: University vs.Googlevirsity?

I hope that some of my recent posts have challenged you to think about your passions and to follow them in life regardless of your current skill level or expertise. If you’re like me you’ve chosen a passion which might not be one of  your current strengths and you’ll therefore be on a steep learning curve as you train yourself ... Read More »

Follow Your Passion, Find Your Dream

The past few months I’ve been doing some deep soul searching in regards to my career and my next steps. Like many of you I’m caught sitting in an office 9-5 (shift work in my case actually) watching the world pass me by, at least that’s the way it makes me feel some days. My life, especially this year, is ... Read More »

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